Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Elder Legacy – Shrouded in Secrecy

        Have you ever taken a good look around you? I am speaking about an in-depth look at your destiny.
        One of my cousins and I have had endless conversations about our parents and inevitably end of laughing the full-belly, leave you breathless laughing. This is probably something that those of us with many siblings tend to experience more than those with very, very few (I’m talking one here.)
        My mother will call one of my sisters and before ending the phone call, will swear us to secrecy. Under NO circumstances are we to call and talk to our sisters about the conversation. Well, in my family, that is code for UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE DO YOU CALL YOUR SISTERS BECAUSE AS SOON AS THERE’S A DIAL TONE, I AM!
        Then, the sisters and I will usually wait a few minutes and make a call to the other, usually with the scenario in our heads of a merry-go-round wondering where in line we have fallen on the chain for this particular conversation. Then, the conversation will start with, “Hi, how are you? What have you been up to?” which, in our conversation is simply code for have you spoken with mother lately? After confirming mother contact, then anything is up for grabs and soon you find out where in the chain you have landed this time.
        Now, this is not only a trait of my mother. I have witnessed this trait at one time or another in all of her sisters and her brother, hence my title: The Elder Legacy. Is our destiny truly in what we see going on all around us? Are we destined to end conversations with the secrecy rule? Are we destined to be angry with one sibling or another for some mundane act? Sometimes I wonder. I have been known to end a conversation with “And don’t you tell anyone!” but, in my defense (at least so far,) I do not make another phone call and say the same thing. When I say, don’t tell anyone, it truly means you are the only one who knows unless I state otherwise.
        We laugh and talk about our parents and their little quirks, but do we also noticed the same tendencies developing in ourselves?Are we watching our destiny unfold before our eyes? Interesting fodder for thought, don’t you think?

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