Monday, January 17, 2011

21 Days of Compliments – Day 8

       Yesterday, my husband and I went to meet a couple of German Shepherds and view their puppies. I say this, because I felt if the mom did not take to me, then she would not want me taking one of her babies. Strange as it seems (only if you don't know me,) I have that idea in my head and it was important to me to have some type of report with the mommy dog. I wanted her trust. Turns out, during the visit at the breeder’s establishment, the mom and dad were both loving and affectionate dogs and both would have hopped into the back seat of the suburban had we just opened the door (and it was so very tempting.)
       I have read many articles about people choosing dogs that fit their personality, whether or not they realize that is what they are doing (makes you wonder about some choices.) I have loved German Shepherds since I was very young and I have remained steadfast in my love for the breed. German Shepherds, known for loyalty; brings me to my compliment of the day. I am a very loyal person. This may be the reason I find myself drawn to this particular dog. We share the loyalty quality.
       Just as a Shepherd is loyal to his/her companion, so am I. While my husband operates on the system of I will trust you until you give me reason not to, I operate at the opposite end of the spectrum, give me reason to trust you and I will. Admittedly, I am not quick to trust, but once you have gained my trust, you have my allegiance until you prove you should not, and in my world, that is the ultimate position. I say this because I know how deep my loyalty runs.
       Today, on Day 8, I am giving myself the compliment of having great loyalty.

My List:
   1. I am a talented organizer.
   2. I am a good baker.
   3. I am good at commitment.
   4. I am a compassionate person.
   5. I am an affectionate person.
   6. I have a good sense of humor.
   7. I am tenacious.
   8. I am loyal.

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