Saturday, January 15, 2011

21 Days of Compliments - Day 6

        I was struggling a bit with trying to find things to compliment myself with and my dear cousin stepped up to the plate with a wonderful suggestion. He told me I had a good sense of humor. I started to think of how great it was to have someone tell me what they see when they look at me (a little ego boost when it's nice.)
        So, that's where I'll begin today. My compliment to myself is I have a good sense of humor. With that said and done, my mind took off with the realization that I actually do have a good sense of humor. With all of the "Lucy" episodes in my life, I really need the ability to laugh at myself as well as with myself. And I have in fact laughed myself senseless through some of my mishaps, laughing myself right into speechlessness and tears streaming down my cheeks.
       If you have been following my blog, you have certainly been privy to some of those "episodes" and please believe me when I tell you there are many, many more. 
       One of the funny stories that comes to mind every time I even look at a can of paint is the memory of my husband and I painting our house. My husband was on the ladder painting garage trim and I was of course, where I shouldn't be, underneath him painting the lower trim. He completed his section and was on his way down the ladder when I abruptly stood up. You can see where this is going. His paint roller connected with my head and the ensuing result was a huge mess!
        My husband wanted to know why I wasn't being more careful. My retort was simply, "How long have you known me? Haven't you learned by now it's your job to watch out for me?!" Of course, being the kind soul that he is, he pulled out a lawn chair and had me sit down and he shampooed the paint out of my hair (no easy task.) That alone had me thinking how long I would have to follow him around before I get in his way again!
       I actually don't have to plan mishaps, they seem to always find me first. With that written, I'll finish with I do have a good sense of humor. Thanks cousin!

My List:
   1. I am a talented organizer.
   2. I am a good baker.
   3. I am good at commitment.
   4. I am a compassionate person.
   5. I am an affectionate person.
   6. I have a good sense of humor.

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