Sunday, January 30, 2011

21 Days of Compliments – Day 20

             Today is Day 20 of the 21 Days of Compliments challenge. Tomorrow will be my last blog on this challenge. Please, everyone do not jump up and holler at the same time, it might just cause a tiny earthquake.
            I have a gap between my two front teeth. I’ve never considered it a bad thing, although I have had my share of dentists attempt to convince me that they could fix it. I have always considered it an identifying mark. 
            If I was ever murdered, they could identify my body by the gap between my teeth. If someone could not remember if I was the person who nearly ran them over, they could identify me in a line-up by my smile with the gap between my teeth.
            I always knew the chances of developing a cavity between those two particular teeth was next to none and that was a great relief to me considering my trepidation of going to the dentist. As a child, I would swish water between my teeth and make many bubbles.
            Take a look at Lauren Bacall. She became a famous model and she has a gap between her teeth. I would think that when I am a famous author (okay – it is a stretch) that I could be compared to her. She is a freethinker. She has traveled and experienced the world. She is not afraid to try new adventures. The way I see it, I am in good company.
            I think having a gap between my two front teeth is a good thing. I’m just wondering how to put a compliment spin on it. Let me try this: the gap between my two front teeth has been a positive element in my life. Okay - it works for me.
           Even the French -- those ever chic folks -- they call the gap tooth thing: dents du bonheur- LUCKY TEETH

My List:
   1. I am a talented organizer.
   2. I am a good baker.
   3. I am good at commitment.
   4. I am a compassionate person.
   5. I am an affectionate person.
   6. I have a good sense of humor.
   7. I am tenacious.
   8. I am loyal.
   9. I am dedicated to my family and friends.
 10. I am a good mother.
 11. I am an education advocate.
 12. I am a creative person.
 13. I inspire others.
 14. I am a good writer.
 15. I have a zest for life.
 16. I am a faithful friend.
 17. I am a fair person.
 18. I make the best damn fried chicken ever!
 19. I am not afraid of admitting I’m wrong.
 20. The gap between my two front teeth is a positive thing.


  1. Laughing my butt off right about now ! I wonder if my fluff counts as an asset !!!


  2. OK sis - it was a stretch! lol Put enough spin on something and any amount of fluff can be turned into an asset!

  3. I figured this thing out, I just sign in to my account, then go to yours and whoola !!!

  4. Dang, now I need to figure out how to put it so my name will show up, not the title to my page since I don't write anything on it.

  5. Dang I'm smart...did it ! Now my name shows up !

  6. Almost as smart as I am! Now you should write on your blog. Write about the journey you are currently taking.


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