Tuesday, January 25, 2011

21 Days of Compliments – Day 15

       Today is Day 15 of the 21 Days of Compliments challenge. Looking for a compliment to help me along in my blog today, I came across my friend Pamela’s post.
       Pamela said I exuded a zest for life. I never thought of myself that way and then I received another compliment from an old school chum (sorry Marlene) who told me to keep on singing, that she loved the story.
       This is the blog from my Face Book page she was referring to:

         This one's for the girls....Found out how to send the neighbors screaming for the peace and quiet of indoors! I just found out how to download music to my MP3 player! I sang up and down the driveway this am. Don't really know how loud I was singing but the dogs were howling so it must have been so good they sang along! ....who love with everything they have...

       Of course, among the comments was one of my sisters disowning me (I am pretty sure she was joking because I’ve done worse and she’s still hanging around) but on an upside, my school chum (being of sound mind AND my age) told me to keep on singing.
       It started me thinking (seems I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately) that if others see me this way, maybe there’s something to it. I thought about how happy I felt just walking up and down the driveway singing at the top of my lungs (so my husband informed me - picture Julia Roberts in the tub scene in Pretty Woman. He’s just lucky I wasn’t dancing too. I was very inspired) and how good it felt. If I bring a zest for life into other’s lives, then I think I need to also do that to my own life.
       If you’re looking for me, you can find me out walking and singing (and possibly dancing.) Next up on my playlist is Independence Day! Bye! Oh! My compliment for Day 15 is I bring to the table a zest for life.

My List:
   1. I am a talented organizer.
   2. I am a good baker.
   3. I am good at commitment.
   4. I am a compassionate person.
   5. I am an affectionate person.
   6. I have a good sense of humor.
   7. I am tenacious.
   8. I am loyal.
   9. I am dedicated to my family and friends.
 10. I am a good mother.
 11. I am an education advocate.
 12. I am a creative person.
 13. I inspire others.
 14. I am a good writer.
 15. I have a zest for life.

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  1. Well there are two things that have always stuck out to me about your visits to TN while I was growing up: Your vibrancy, and Jeffrey's gumbo. Of course there's more but those always stuck out. I can definitely see you singing at the top of your lungs, just enjoying life and not caring who in the world hears you! It's a trait to admire! Glad my thoughts could help you to find something in yourself that you may not have recognized before!

    And I'm glad to find another organizing junkie. Jordan brings people to my closet to show them what a nutjob I am with all my high heels in my plastic containers and my clothes on hangers that are color coordinated. He gets a kick out of seeing peoples' shocked expressions. I will happily tell him there is another like me out there! I literally cannot function without everything being organized to death!


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