Monday, January 24, 2011

21 Days of Compliments – Day 14

        Today is Day 14 of the 21 Days of Compliments challenge. Day 14! Can you believe I’ve made it this far? I am over half way into this challenge. I have to admit, it is only with the help of everyone around me that I have been able to accomplish this feat.
       Today’s compliment comes from my daughter, Katie-Beth. She’s been keeping up with my blog and suggested that I should add being a good writer to my list of compliments. I thought at first that it would be quite presumptuous of me to proclaim myself a good writer. My second thought was who cares? My daughter told me she thought I was a good writer and that is good enough for me.
       Today, on Day 14, I am giving myself the compliment of being a good writer and, presumptuous or not, that’s that!

My List:
   1. I am a talented organizer.
   2. I am a good baker.
   3. I am good at commitment.
   4. I am a compassionate person.
   5. I am an affectionate person.
   6. I have a good sense of humor.
   7. I am tenacious.
   8. I am loyal.
   9. I am dedicated to my family and friends.
 10. I am a good mother.
 11. I am an education advocate.
 12. I am a creative person.
 13. I inspire others.
 14. I am a good writer.

1 comment:

  1. I think you should take the advice of such an educated young woman ! Oh, and I agree !!

    (Grrrr...still can't remember my google account login. Maybe I don't have


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