Friday, November 5, 2010

Lucy tours Manhattan (10/12/2010)

     I hope that no one is tiring of the stories of our trip to New York (you would not still be reading if you were!) Jeffery and I spent three days touring “Uptown”, “Downtown”, Ellis Island, and Liberty Island, Brooklyn and more!

Subway Stop

     After today, I can truly say with confidence that Jeffery and I (make that me-he is still too polite) have become true New Yorkers. We were waiting for the train today and just as the train came to a halt, I quickly stepped up to the door (pretending to patiently wait for the door to open, yet all the while scoping out the quickly emptying seats of the departing passengers.) I wanted to be ready for the mad dash for seats once the doors opened.
     Without being too pushy (oh-let’s face it OR polite) or elbowing more than a few people, I made a bee-line to my chosen seats and parked my butt down and looked around for TCBITWBD (the cutest boy in the world, Bayou Division-better known as Jeffery.) I thought for a minute that I would have to reach through the throng of bodies (believe me when I say this is NOT something you want to do) to pull him through the still open doors. Nevertheless, he finally made it onto the train and into the seat I had personally saved for him (with glaring eyes no one dared cross.)

     As you sit there on the train, traveling at un-told speeds, you learn not to look at people. People on the New York subway DO NOT want conversation or friendly smiles or eye contact. They want to be left alone. You mind your business and keep your gaze downward and everyone stays happy. Now, anyone who knows how much I love to study people can only imagine how difficult this task would be, and no, I never did get the hang of it. It takes more than a glance to count the number of earrings in someone’s ear, much more to read their tattoos. If people do not want me to stare, they should not be marking up their bodies, or working out. Ladies, there are some buff bodies in New York that require a little extra perusing.
     This trip marked our first venture out alone (I did have a map tucked away for just in case.) We were about to embark on a three day tour of Manhattan. Our little adventure home after church services on Sunday was merely a trial.
     Arriving at Lincoln Center, we purchased our tour tickets, boarded a double-decker bus, and began our “Downtown” tour of Manhattan (so we thought.) Strangely enough, as we were bouncing along the streets and avenues, sites began to look familiar. Since Katie had taken us on her own personal walking tour the previous Saturday, we recognized Central Park and The Dakota and Strawberry Fields, among others. Turns out, we were on the “Uptown” tour.

Washington Square Park

     As we rode past Washington Square, I wondered briefly if the “Bird Man” was still there with his birds.

The Bird Man


     Nothing can compare with riding a double-decker bus thru the streets of Manhattan with the wind blowing through your hair, the sun shining above…. that is, if you were smart enough to grab a seat on the left side of the bus; trees ambushed those poor folks on the right side. Needless to say, they spent most of their tour dodging trees (and traffic signals.) (Photo Left: Central Park West)

     This particular tour had a sassy tour guide. We were waiting in line as the bus stopped and he yelled for us to come on up. About halfway up the steps, he yells that we will have to sit separately. My face must have showed my displeasure because he then told me that if the nice lady I was going to sit next to was willing to put up with me, then I should be glad to sit there. I was so stunned (and a little frightened) I just sat down in the seat he pointed to and told the “nice” lady thank you. Jeffery took the seat directly in front of my seat next to a “nice” man and off the bus went. This tour guide was a scary fellow. As tours go, as you approach the upcoming stop, the guide will ask if anyone is getting off. (Photo Right: Dakota where John Lennon lived.) No one ever got off of the bus (personally I think everyone was as frightened of the little man as we were) so he would just yell at the people waiting that he didn’t have any seats, they would just have to wait for the next bus and then he would mutter to himself. This tour reminded me of a horror movie where you get inside of the car and the door locks and there are no handles with which to open the doors.

Central Park West

When we stopped in So-Ho, the “nice” lady and “nice” man decided to disembark. In the course of the tour, Jeffery and I figured out that they were married and at the time of climbing aboard the bus had probably been told to sit (by the “sassy” man) and there they stayed, afraid to move until they left the bus. As soon as they left and the feisty tour guide turned his back, I hopped over and Jeffery jumped back to sit next to me. There was a lot of praying going on that our actions would go unnoticed (they did.)

The Dakota where
John Lennon lived until he
was shot outside of the bldg.

     We completed our tour, heads intact, bid farewell to our guide, and headed off in search of another adventure (this time on the real “Downtown” tour.

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