Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And yes, there is “Eye Candy” (10/13-14/2010)

     I have been going on and on about my recent trip to New York but there is one more story that bears telling. The story is about our trip to the Empire State Building (among others, which yes, I will also mention here.)

Empire State Building

     To the left is a picture as we approached the Empire State Building. Pictures taken by an amateur (me) just do not do it justice. It is a magnificent building.
     After making our way through security, which was an adventure all its own; Jeffery forgot to leave his pocket knife at the apartment (men!) Personally, I do not think there is much damage he could do with a two-inch blade but the minute he pulled out his badge (to put in the tray that takes your possessions through the scanner,) we were carted off to more security! The security guards decided that since he is a police officer, he could keep it with him. It certainly would have taken less time for him to put the mini butcher knife in a security locker until we returned from the top of the building and we would have not drawn attention to ourselves but the security guards were just trying to be nice.
     If you have not traveled lately, get ready to shed your belts and keys and watches as well as a host of other things in order to get through security. I had my turn at a security check at Battery Park before boarding the ferry to Ellis Island. I actually had to take my shoes off because my buckles set off the alarm (how embarrassing.) It took me 15 minutes to replace the Band-Aids that were covering my blisters (taking my shoes off messed up the carefully placed bandages!)
     Back to the Empire State Building story where we finally made it through security and were sent on our way. After negotiating the maze of lines, we got to the first set of elevators where we were lucky enough to board an elevator with a woman who was claustrophobic (meaning there were only six of us on the elevator as opposed to 20.) Bless her heart! (Yeah!) Boarding the second set of elevators to complete the trip to the observation deck, we were not so lucky.
     The views of New York City are spectacular from the observation tower atop the Empire State Building. I highly (no pun intended) recommend the trip.
     While the view of NYC was breathtaking, it was not the “Eye Candy” of which I wrote earlier. Let me describe what the real “Eye Candy” was before I tell you that we were unable to take pictures to prove we were there (meaning I have no photos to post.) The northwest corner of the observation deck was cordoned off at one point and all visitors shuffled to other parts of the deck. (Drum roll please) Cosmo was taking pictures of their “Most Eligible Bachelors.” (Another drum roll please.) They ARE good looking. The pictures ARE NOT touched up! (More drum roll.) And, did I mention THEY ARE GOOD LOOKING! Let me say it again. They ARE definitely “Eye Candy.” There were many husbands dragging their drooling wives back on to the elevators after that photo shoot!

     Almost as interesting as the Empire State Building, the Lady herself was majestic. Here’s Jeffery at the Statue of Liberty and me, Donna, at the Statue of Liberty! (Take note that I didn’t make him look the same size as Lady Liberty!)

    If we are talking about candy, then I cannot leave out the pictures of the M&M Store in Times Square. We also visited the Hershey Store and Dylan’s Candy Shop.

The M&M Store

     We visited Rockefeller Center, The American Girl Store, Grand Central Station, Union Square Park, Battery Park,

Rockefeller Center

The Intrepid

The Intrepid Aircraft Carrier, Wall Street (did not see any money), SoHo, NoHo, Chinatown, Little Italy, various churches, just so many places. If you ever have the opportunity to visit this wonderful city, please do. We had a wonderful time.



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