Saturday, October 2, 2010

An integrated Heaven?

     It was Saturday morning, CNN was on the television, and I had the opportunity to hear a very intriguing interview with two black preachers. The message of one black preacher was that Heaven is integrated and all churches should follow suit. The message of the second preacher was the black church was the only thing “they” had left that truly belonged to “them.” “They” and “them” were referring to black people.
     A community in California has very successfully integrated their black church to include all races, and has “white” people serving on their board, much to the pride of the black preacher. He admitted with a chuckle that the white folks voice their opinions much louder than the black folks do at this time. I like his way of thinking and I am sure that eventually all those nice black folks will learn to raise their voices as well.
     This forward-thinking preacher made the comment that maybe the other preacher is not preaching real Christianity in wanting to keep his church segregated. I truly admire his tenacity and I truly wish his words could reach across the nation. This interview left me thinking, “I want to go to your church.” Preachers like this man could heal the world if only there were more of them.
     So, is there an integrated Heaven and should we be working toward imitating Heaven on earth? Sounds like a good plan to me.


  1. Sounds like a grand plan but sista, I cannot imagine you in that church with people "falling out" when the Holy Spirit takes over them or when they are carrying on singing and dancing and shouting hallelujah (I googled that) ! lol

  2. Falling out - don't know about but hootin' and hollarin'. I like the stimulation! I don't do well with sit down and listen and concentrate! lol


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