Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What was the real reason behind God creating Wednesdays?

     I was on Face Book this morning and noticed a lot of buzz about “Wednesday” and what this particular day of the week meant to different people.
     For me, Wednesday is a day for regrouping. It is a chance to contemplate on what I have accomplished at the beginning of the week; and to hopefully change the course of the second half of the week. It is a day to re-charge, my time to detox. It is a day I shave my legs and soak in a hot bubble bath (probably too much information.) I see Wednesday as a chance to catch my breath, to do something unexpected.
     I do not begin new projects on Wednesday; those can wait until Thursday. It is a day to celebrate the accomplishments of Monday and Tuesday – and this particular week was filled with them - and to re-prioritize my “still to be done” list for Thursday and Friday.
     I noticed that a few people referred to Wednesday as “hump” day, as though it were a hurtle to be crossed. Some saw it as a make it or break it day. Several people described Wednesday as the “down-hill” side of the week; mostly it seems by those who cannot wait for the weekend to come around again and are just biding their time at their jobs, whether happily or unhappily.
     All seem to agree on one thing and that is… Wednesday is a complex day, a definite turning point in the week. If the beginning of the week has gone shoddily, there is always optimism on Wednesday that the week will turn itself around and Thursday and Friday will be the grand ending of the week. On the other hand, if the week is going well, Wednesday can cause tremendous trepidation. No one wants Wednesday to be the day everything went to hell.
     At any rate, I noticed that most of the contemplation about Wednesday seems to share one common denominator; the deliberation takes place over a cup of coffee or a can of coke. The question could be should we actually be deciding if Wednesday is good day or a bad day, hump day or mump day with so much caffeine in our systems?


  1. Everything goes better with caffeine even Wednesday.

    Giggles and Guns

  2. I'm with Mary. Caffeine is absolutely essential to decision making and (as she says) ... EVERYTHING. To suggest otherwise is to tamper with the delicate balances of the universe.

    Love this blog. Thou art in a philosophical mood and I like it very much. MORE! MORE!


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