Monday, August 9, 2010

What are we really doing on the dance floor?

     I have written a few times about exercising but as I was exercising today, I suddenly burst out laughing, completely pomaded! (That’s French for rolling on the floor laughing; not being able to breathe laughing - as Fancy Nancy would say.) I was exercising and out of the blue I had this vision of me doing my exercise routine out on the dance floor instead of dancing!
     Well, that got me to thinking about exactly what are we out there doing, except exercising? We are stepping side to side and our arms are flailing all over the place (if we’re really having a good time) and we’re shaking our core muscles; we have it all going on. We’re kicking our feet and gyrating up and back and then spinning around for good measure and by the end of the song, we’ve worked a good sweat. Isn’t that exercise?
     Now, let me give you a peek at my exercise routine. I’m stepping in place, gyrating to the beat; then I’m walking up and back, I’m shaking my arms and raising them up and down. Once I’m warmed up, I start stepping side to side and waving my arms. I’m putting in a little hip action, a little core action and by the time I’ve finished, I’m sweating. Isn’t that dancing?
     And, just what exactly is line-dancing all about? I beg to differ here but it looks a lot like what I just got through doing; my exercise routine.
     I just cannot help myself; I am messing with your head here. By the time that you finish reading this story, I want to be so imbedded in your mind that the next time you are out on the dance floor having the time of your life, I don’t want you to realize for a second or two (at least until the stares get obvious) that you forgot you were supposed to be dancing and you realize you are half way into your exercise routine. I want to be the fly on the wall laughing with you; because what is dancing? That’s right; its exercise put to music! And, it will be our little secret; because you’ll be laughing so hard, you will never be able to explain yourself!

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