Monday, August 16, 2010

Lucy learns a lesson

     I walked into the garage – my husband’s “man-cave” – and my delicate senses were overwhelmed by an unidentifiable odor (happens often.) I grabbed the bottle of the greatest miracle solution to ever hit the market – Fabreeze – and began spraying (dousing) everything in sight, the air, the curtains, (the dog,) the sofa!
     I then left the garage and went about my morning activities. Later, I returned to the garage to re-spray, thinking the previous odors would certainly need a second round of dousing.
     Imagine the surprise (horror) when I opened the door and encountered an even more offending odor – AMONIA! I am still wondering if I was choking because I was laughing so hard or because the ammonia had astounded me.
     It looked as though the book, ‘The Night before Christmas’ had come alive in the garage for a moment, – ‘There arose such a clatter… (me scurrying to the window, jumping over baskets of laundry and bags of dog food.) Away to the window I flew like a flash (literally as I took flight over yard shoes and hunting gear,) I tore open the shutters and threw up the sash!’ (all the while gasping for breath!)
     Does it even need saying that a valuable lesson imparted itself upon me that day – always, ALWAYS label in LARGE print and smell before spraying!


  1. LMAO !!! That's all there is to say ! Okay, guess I can add that as a nurse, I feel ammonia can be so lethal that I never, ever buy it ! Only you...! I hope Sentry wasn't harmed by it and what is she doing in the cave anyway ??? Jeffery must not be

  2. Sentry is fine! AND, yes, TCBITW was not home! lol


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