Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We all believe in something....

      I’ve been following Leslie Sansone’s Walk in Faith exercise DVDs for the last few weeks. Her DVDs have always been favorites of mine; especially when it’s just too hot to walk outside. Her Walk in Faith DVDs are set to Gospel music. I, on my own, would never have thought to pop in gospel tunes for walking. It seems a little sac-religious; I’m quickly changing my mind on that though.
     When I first popped in a Walk in Faith DVD and began the routine, I felt as though I was being transported to a higher realm. There was something so uplifting about exercising to upbeat gospel music (especially with the volume turned WAY up.) It made the exercise almost like a prayer in itself. I’ve been exercising to this particular DVD for a while, so this morning I started my usual routine – I became the instructor (I’ve also been known to become Martha Stewart or Julia Child when baking or cooking, and resemble Lucille Ball at other times.) It breaks the monotony for me; I tend to bore dreadfully easily.
     While I was “instructing,” I began thinking that exercising is so much easier since I have been using these DVDs. I also started thinking that runners would probably run farther and more peacefully (they tend to scrunch their faces in pain, makes you wonder why they do it) if they listened to gospel music while running. Walkers would probably enjoy their walks better and benefit more (and smile more;) and who can gossip when you’re listening to praise and worship? Weight lifters would no doubt find lifting weights much easier if they were handing the weight to God (can you see their smiles at being able to lift extreme amounts of weight?) Exercising to uplifting music could possibly transform the entire exercising domain. How great would that be? Of course, this is my opinion. I realize this whole topic opens up to controversy, but, my blog, my opinion.
     We all believe in something, whether it is the light and good or the dark and evil; we all believe in something. I happen to believe – and in this, my beliefs are quite simple – that anyone who does a good deed or is kind to someone, believes in the good. You just don’t do good deeds without being good and believing in good. I think all people believe in something or they are searching for that something, whether it’s God, Buddha, Yahweh, their spirit. I know that there are those people out there who truly do believe in evil and act on evil, but, for the most part, I think most of us believe in good. We also have hope. Without the hope that someone is looking out for us and is working on making good happen in our lives, how do we get up in the mornings? Every time we begin a sentence with “I wish”, aren’t we hoping someone gives us an answer?
     I am not one to get up in the mornings and grab the Bible first thing to begin formal prayers. I operate on a “different” system, march to the tune of my own drummer; it’s my personality. I wish I could begin my day like that, but that isn’t what speaks to me. I’ve had a very rough life and most mornings, it is all I can do to think of a reason to drag myself out of bed and grabbing the Good Book just doesn’t do it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Psalms and the Proverbs and when looking through my Bible the other night, I was amazed at how much of it I have actually read; so, when I happened upon these Walk in Faith DVDs, I decided to try one out. There is so much inspirational Gospel music accessible to us now and even some of the old hymns are being sung with new-fangled life; it is hard not to be inspired while exercising.
     So, I have found my morning prayer in exercise. I, yes ME, actually look forward to getting up and exercising in the mornings. I feel unsettled and deficient if I miss it. I have renewed faith and hope that my life just may work itself out – someday. When I raise my arms and wiggle my hands at God, I ask him to take this weight from me and I fling the unwanted pounds up to him (so far He keeps throwing them back, we need to work on our communication skills!) I also lob a few other suggestions up for his contemplation and I have hope that he’s listening to those too.
     We all believe in something and I can tell you that my newly found prayer time is doing wonders for my spirit. So, here’s to gospel music, morning exercise, and prayer time! (I am toasting with chocolate milk here, please use your choice of beverage!)


  1. Donna, I always adore your blogging. But tonight I think this is my favorite. I'm speechless. I laughed. I welled up. I sat still. I read out loud. A writer has to be powerful to do that to me. You did it. Thank you for being not only an amazing woman with an amazing life, but a willing blogger. Among the lines I like best: "I realize this whole topic opens up to controversy, but, my blog, my opinion." HA!

  2. Thank you for such high praise. Your opinion means a lot.


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