Sunday, July 25, 2010

Six items or less, could you do it?

     I found the coolest site - - where people actually wore a total of six pieces of clothing (undies, exercise clothes, uniforms etc. were allowed to be extras) for a whole month, just mixing and matching and accessorizing. It is a “global experiment examining the power of what we don’t wear.” I had to admit that it is an interesting concept, but definitely not one for me. I like variety and enjoy deciding what I am going to wear. Although, once I began thinking about it, I realized that is precisely what I do; I wear six items or less.

     I get up each morning and head to the closet – which I have to detour here and tell you how much pleasure it gives me when I open the door; it is my happy place. My closet closely resembles a well-stocked department store. All the hangars match and my blouses are all color coordinated and sorted by sleeve length. I have hung my jackets with care according to sleeve length and time of year wearage. My shoes are neatly lined up on their shelves, one back, one forward (hint-you can fit more shoes on a shelf that way, therefore, you may purchase additional footwear) according to purpose and color. Uniformly folded t-shirts separated by style and color line the shelves, the same with sweaters and pajamas. It is actually better than a department store. No one has been rifling through the shelves. Everything is perfect.
My Happy Place

     I know I digress, but if you are still hanging in there with me, I’ll be back on track in a moment. I have to sigh first and close the door so I can concentrate.
     I wear navy crops (my grandmother would call them pedal pushers) and a white tank almost every day. Grant you - it is a DIFFERENT one, but that is pretty much my everyday "uniform." It is a very serviceable uniform for me and I am normally home most days so it works. It works well for exercise, yard work, cooking - where even with an apron I always make a mess – and lucky for me, someone invented a wonderful product called bleach. If this were not my uniform, I have about 30 white blouses and several pairs of jeans that would fit the bill quite nicely; however, I might have trouble choosing only six blouses. A white t-shirt may be only a white t-shirt, but a white blouse is NOT just a white blouse. Should I even get started?
     Still, the six items for a month is an interesting concept for an experiment and on the web site are the comments from those who committed to the challenge. Some who took the challenge admitted there was difficulty in the beginning, but it became easier as the experiment progressed and they actually enjoyed it. They even said that on the first day “back” choosing their daily outfit was the challenge. At any rate, it is worth the skip over to the site to check it out. They are also having another challenge in the fall. It might interest you, but I think I will just sit this one out and read about it.


  1. For once, I am speechless. Could you please come to Florida and bring your iron? I WANT YOUR CLOSET!!! I WANT A HAPPY PLACE!!!

  2. Did I forget to mention that all of the blouses in the picture (and my closet) are cotton and are all ironed with perfect creases? I like to iron so going to Florida with my iron would actually make me happy! Bev - you still there. Bev. Bev! BEV! Breathe....

  3. I'm breathing. Hyperventilating is breathing, right?


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