Friday, July 30, 2010

Omega what!?

     I had an appointment with a dietician today and by the end of our visit, we came to the conclusion that I did not actually eat enough to lose weight. Don't you just want to be me?! While I was sitting there with a starry-eyed look in my eyes envisioning sugarplums dancing in my head, she was thinking something very different.
      I was counting gumdrops and she was counting EPA and DHA. I was picking out cupcakes and she was picking out whole-grain crackers. I was thinking about fried fish and she was thinking about fish oil supplements. I was dreaming of fresh farm eggs and she spouting off about Egglands Best eggs and what they feed their chickens.
     She was talking about natural peanut butter with no salt added and I was dreaming of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Make that PB&J on white bread, not whole wheat! She started talking about cauliflower and broccoli and spinach and about this time, I am thinking about gagging.
     Then, right before I could drag myself out of the chair, my dreams all but deflated, and out of the door, she handed me a Leah Chase cookbook. Now we’re talking; this may turn out to be an alright day after all!


  1. OH! WAY COOL!!! You're going to be blogging about a cookbook and cooking and fabulousness!!! Now I get to read YOU struggling through recipes and unfamiliar food. (I hear that gerbils are low in fat and high in EPA.)


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