Monday, July 5, 2010

Just another episode of I love Lucy

     Today has been a pretty normal day in my life; nothing out of the ordinary. First thing, it’s Monday. I sat down at the computer to pay a few bills for the business, and as I am known to do, I was knocking back and forth between QuickBooks and the internet. You can’t tell me that you are not guilty of the same. I got side tracked, which of course, is not all that difficult a task when you are ME! I found the cutest picture of a cupcake and since I am a baker, had to print it out. Nothing less would do. No big deal, you might think; unless, let me reiterate – you are ME. I quickly hit print and the pretty little picture came out – on a company check!
     I finished up with a few business transactions, tossed the sealed and stamped envelopes onto the “to be mailed” pile – the middle of the braided rug on my office floor. Now, this works for me because in order to leave the room, I have to step over them. Perfect reminder; unless you’re ME.
     With it raining everyday lately, the grass grows several inches overnight. The next task on my “to do” list was to mow the grass. Not a small feat since it takes me two and a half to three hours to mow the yard. I grabbed my bottle of frozen water and began my journey. I say journey due to the twenty-seven crepe myrtle trees that I have to mow around. By the time I complete that undertaking alone, I could be several miles down the highway. It is a job that takes a lot of patience – not my forte’. I have been grabbed by the tree branches and almost knocked off of the mower because I didn’t notice them – in my dream like stance – and because of my wide brim hat. Probably not a dangerous mission for most – unless you’re ME.
     That is only the front yard story! The back yard, better known as the orchard, is an entirely different undertaking. My husband will only let me spray the grass around the trees with poison to a certain diameter – not a safe one for ME. Soooooo, I have been whacked and tackled and discombulated and wiped out by cherry tree branches and bay leaf tree branches and lemon, orange, kumquat and grapefruit branches and ambushed by fig leaves; and, that is when the trees aren’t bearing fruit. Have you ever gotten smacked in the head by a grapefruit or an orange. Take it from ME, it doesn’t feel good.
     Having completed mowing the yard without any serious mishaps – or so I thought – I came inside for lunch. After washing the mower I was completely soaked so I stripped in the laundry room and tossed my wet clothes into the washer full of soaking clothes – close your eyes, you’ve done it too! I grabbed a glass of ice cold-water and looked around for my phone to call my husband. Imagine my panic when I realized that I had put it in my pants pocket before going out to mow grass – the very same pants I just pulled off and tossed into the washer! I had wondered why my pants were so heavy when I tossed them in with the rest of the clothes, now I knew why; panic begins to set in. I ran to the laundry room, stopped the washer, and began the task of fishing for my pants. I pulled them out and the phone wasn’t there; more panic.
     I began to frantically swish through the towels and shirts and undies to no avail. More panic. My only alternative was to grab the laundry basket and begin the tedious chore of wringing out each item and throwing it into the basket until I found my phone. I completely emptied out the washer, which was no small feat considering I had to wring and wring and wring everything out. That’s a hard job! No phone to be found; deep, dark panic. I swished and swished around in the water – with all the swishing I was doing, I could have finished the washing of the clothes and thrown them in the dryer. No phone. By this time, there was some heavy duty praying going on, and I was so disheartened that I turned around and just leaned against the washer. And………….what do I spot on the counter three feet away? The phone! Complete heart failure! Time of death – 3:30 p.m.
     It’s just another manic Monday. That’s my fun day. Whoa oh……..can’t wait for Tuesday.

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