Sunday, July 11, 2010

Buying furniture and all that jazz…

     I was reading a blog that I enjoy, and the author was writing about her fiascos in ordering furniture on-line. It brought to mind another adventure of my own. If you’ve been following my blog, you already know that I am prone to “adventures.”
     The author was telling a story about ordering the “perfect” lamp as a gift for her husband so that he could enjoy reading in bed. When the lamp arrived, the size of the box alone told her that the lamp was not going to work. It now occupies a prominent place in their dining room, the only room large enough to house it without creating suspicion. Her second thought was to shop for bedside tables and then purchase lamps. Her search of the local merchants proved futile and she once again resorted to the internet to order the furniture. Once again, after careful planning and measuring, she ordered the tables and lamps. The big day arrived and HUGE boxes were delivered. To make a long story short as the saying goes, she no longer orders furniture on-line.
     I had a similar fiasco myself a couple of years back. After saving money for a couple of years and carefully picking out the “perfect” furniture from Calico Corners, I then decided before ordering, to venture out and see what the local merchants had to offer. I happened upon a LANE furniture store with a sale going on. What luck was that! I was so excited that I forgot all about the perfect furniture with the perfect measurements that I had been dreaming about for so long.
     Like Calico Corners, LANE enabled me to order wonderful pieces in the fabrics that appealed to me. I forgot all about measuring and checking my detailed notes (remember this, it’s IMPORTANT!) I had measured for a sofa - more on the loveseat size - but decided that the FEW extra inches would fit fine. Then, I ordered a wonderful leather wingback recliner for my husband. It was an amazing shade of brown, just the color of Hershey’s chocolate (I wonder why.) I then ordered a smaller scale wingback recliner for myself in a beautiful yellow. I was pumped. My living room was finally going to be the room I had dreamed of; a room full of the perfect furniture.
     The big day arrived and the furniture truck pulled up the drive. I was on pins and needles and so excited. I was standing on the front porch ready to direct the delivery men on how to enter the front door – yes, I’m bossy and I didn’t want the perfect furniture to get messed up!
     The door of the truck was rolled up and my anticipation with it. The deliverymen disappeared into the recesses of the truck and then reappeared, dragging a huge box to the lift gate! The lift gate descended and they huffed and puffed as they carried the box down the walk, over to the steps and up to the front porch. The look in my eye let them know they were not to drag the perfect furniture, but carry it. They set the box down and pulled out their razor blade knives and begin to cut the box away. I could only hope that there was more box than chair. And, then I saw it! The monstrous perfect chair, I gasped!
     My only thoughts were, IF we get that chair through the door, wherever are we going to put it? We have a small cottage and this chair was as big as the entire living room! The chair now sits halfway between the living and dining rooms and when my husband reclines, he can literally eat at the table.
     The sofa is also a lovely FOCAL point of the living room. Need I say more? It stretches almost from one end to the other. My perfect little lady like chair is dwarfed by the Papa Bear chair and the Mama Bear sofa. But sigh, it is the perfect furniture.
     A year later, I am still chuckling and wondering what got into me!! I spent a lot of time carefully measuring and re-measuring so the perfect furniture would fit perfectly. So when the author had the same experience that I did, what else could I say other than, been there sweetie, done that, got the hat and the t-shirt, and still laughing as I sit on the perfect furniture!

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