Friday, June 25, 2010

Does a pill a day really help keep the doctor at bay?

     All of my life I have never been a person to take medicine freely. The doctor would truly have to plead his case on why I needed an antibiotic; and even more so if he deemed a shot necessary. Well, since I’ve gotten to the ripe “old” age of 52, it seems that the roles are now reversed and I am the one doing the justifying and pleading. “I’ll do better. I promise.”
     I just finished laying out my daily “meal” of vitamins and drugs – from the lost battle with the doctor – out on the counter. I refer to it as a meal because it takes up as much space on a plate as an actual meal. There’s Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and E (kind of has a sing/song effect if you do it just right), Glucosamine-Chondroitin (you know you’ve reached a certain age when you can actually spell that off the top of your head) and fish oil. Then, there are the big boys – Hydrochlorothiazide and Hydroxychlor. Doesn’t that sound appetizing?! I have a huge glass of ice cold milk and I’m ready for breakfast!
     As I survey all the various capsules and pills that lay before me, a single thought comes to mind – well, actually more than that, but they aren’t very nice ones – and that is, do they think we’re horses? I truly do think that’s why they are referred to as “horse pills.” They are sooooo colossally huge! Come on now. Are we really supposed to swallow these mammoth sized capsules? I can also assure you that this size is the ONLY size they come in. I stood in front of the vitamin section in the store yesterday, peered at, and shook every bottle I saw just to check. I was determined to prove this theory. I even had to hold some of the bottles up to the light to see within! At that point, I noticed that the clerks were beginning to look as though they might be considering a mutiny and me being tossed out of the store seemed to be the next step.
     Being convinced, finally, that I wasn’t going to find any chewable vitamins for my age group – the over 5 years old group – I tossed an assortment of vitamins into my buggy and proceeded to the checkout counter where I was promptly greeted with, “Gee, you must be falling apart. This is the second prescription you’ve had filled in two weeks.” (Yep! Those were my thoughts too – yours, not hers.) Now, don't get the wrong idea, this is a very nice person and she meant no harm; but, my ego still took a horrible beating! Afterall, I am only on the other side of young.

No time to be depressed; it is what it is and it’s time for breakfast. Join me?



  1. As I was trying to post, I thought of a good topic for you...those whatchamacallits that you have to type in the box to let the computer know you are a person and not a robot...I think you could do that one justice !

  2. Do whatever you have to do. Take whatever you have to take. Choke down whatever you have to choke down. It's workin' for ya, girl! LOOK AT YOU!!! WHOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!

  3. Don't forget the flush-free niacin, the evening primrose oil, and the aspirin a day....


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